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Can we step out of Plato’s cave?

Quora — posted on September 17, 2017 by amartingarcia X  As I remember, Plato spoke of the few that escaped into the bright light of day, becoming (at least temporarily) blinded. That, by itself, has a metaphorical meaning. But if the question is … Continue reading

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Einstein and religion

I cannot conceive of a personal God who would directly influence the actions of individuals, or would directly sit in judgment on creatures of his own creation. I cannot do this in spite of the fact that mechanistic causality has, … Continue reading

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“I don’t know what Consciousness is, but I am That”

As far as intelligence, feeling, and depth, can anything be added to the following? “Everything is Consciousness – everything. When you ask ‘what is Consciousness?’, there is no valid answer. When someone asks me to write a book or give … Continue reading

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Rama and sage Vasishta

If reality is ONENESS, how can there be any sense of lack, hence any desire? There is no ‘other’ to be related to. Reminds me of Socrates’ speech in the Symposium (one of Plato’s dialogues) after other speakers had rendered … Continue reading

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What is the border between objectivity and subjectivity in ethics?

I would take ‘subjective’ as meaning relative, and ‘objective’ as real, following the philosopher Plato and also ordinary usage. One thing is custom, or opinion (doxa in Plato), which varies, and another universal principles, which do not – man is … Continue reading

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‘Everything is unborn’

Everything is born from the viewpoint t of ordinary men (samvriti), and therefore there is nothing eternal. As a matter of fact, however, everything is unborn and so there is no destruction whatever.               … Continue reading

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But that is exactly what I meant by ‘Light’ … : ‘our primordial nature’; what else could it be? I know why people in non-duality avoid the word ‘experience’ at all costs, but contemplating a beautiful object (sunset, etc.) for … Continue reading

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Magician’s trick (Master and disciple)

You have not to say, “Please guy, go out”, because they are one. In the same way, knowledge and ignorance are both one. In my Master’s words, Siddharameshwar Maharaj, “Knowledge is the greatest ignorance.” By knowledge, we know that which … Continue reading

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Revolt against existence – 1st answer

First answer. –  Evil and suffering are undeniable, and there is no easy answer or remedy to this. Initially there are partial answers, but only an overall vision of things can afford understanding and, ultimately, serenity – a vision of … Continue reading

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Knots and kinks in the way of knowing the Truth

The Non-dual teaching is quite simple, straightforward and very clear. advaita says that that there is no multiplicity here. Whatever exists is all Oneness. This Oneness does not give scope for a second thing to arise within it. It is … Continue reading

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