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Yoga Vasishta, From

Rama: Teacher, you said that the North and the South kings were moving around various universes. Can you please see them with your divine vision and tell us in which universe they are now living? Vasishta: Sorry, Rama. I cannot … Continue reading

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‘Everything is unborn’

Everything is born from the viewpoint t of ordinary men (samvriti), and therefore there is nothing eternal. As a matter of fact, however, everything is unborn and so there is no destruction whatever.               … Continue reading

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Magician’s trick (Master and disciple)

You have not to say, “Please guy, go out”, because they are one. In the same way, knowledge and ignorance are both one. In my Master’s words, Siddharameshwar Maharaj, “Knowledge is the greatest ignorance.” By knowledge, we know that which … Continue reading

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Is there good and evil? Is there a Creator God?

Concerning good and evil, suffering and enjoyment, there is an interesting passage in one of the main texts of Advaita Vedanta, the Brahma Sutras. As the teaching goes there is no essential difference between the individual and Brahman (Consciousness or … Continue reading

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Knowledge alone…

Knowledge alone can liberate: “Why is knowledge the only means to freedom, moksa? It is because freedom sought is limitlessness itself, that choiceless human goal underlying all other human struggles for limited ends. Limitlessness is not something that can be … Continue reading

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self-knowledge – the true path

“The only true ‘path’ is the one of self-knowledge, our problem being one of self-ignorance. ‘Realization’ and self-knowledge are effectively the same thing. No practice of any kind is likely to bring about this knowledge; the best that practices can … Continue reading

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