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Plato’s Cave

From Quora  Question: ‘Can we step out of Plato’s Cave?’   X  As I remember, Plato spoke of the few that escaped into the bright light of day, becoming (at least temporarily?) blinded. That, by itself, has to have some … Continue reading

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Three Q&As In Quora

Three Q/A from QUORA (on brain, philosophy, QM, NDE, consciousness) 1  How does the brain understand philosophy? M. The brain… understanding philosophy? My reply to this is similar to the one I gave recently to another question and which was … Continue reading

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Rama and sage Vasishta

If reality is ONENESS, how can there be any sense of lack, hence any desire? There is no ‘other’ to be related to. Reminds me of Socrates’ speech in the Symposium (one of Plato’s dialogues) after other speakers had rendered … Continue reading

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Death and myth (Aesculapius)

Concerning the myth of  or Aesculapius or Asclepios, the Greek god of the medical arts, there is a fundamental idea underlying it and many other myths (like those of Cassandra, Sisyphus, Cassiopeia, etc. – well related, for example, in ‘La … Continue reading

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