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General surgeon (retired). Studied Western philosophy at U of Toronto. Afterwards interest turned to advaita vedanta and non-duality for past 20 yrs, plus a long interlude in Sufism coinciding with that period. Now contributing in ’Advaita Vision’ with regular posts and discussions.

Debate – Phenomenology vs Advaita Vedanta

M.  Es cierto, el Advaita es una filosofía operative al tiempo que es metafísica en su fondo o base – diferente de la metafísica aristotélica o budista, etc. Creo que podemos equiparar metafísica con esoterismo (dimensión interior de la religión). … Continue reading

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Two advaitic poems

  I know of being and non-being,                         (Trans. from Spanish) know of eternity and time – that my place is at the center, though there is no time and no center.   Neither between heaven and earth, for earth and … Continue reading

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Can consciousness exist without time?

(Question answered in Quora) From the viewpoint of Advaita Vedanta (and I believe also zen and Dzogchen), time is not just something elusive, but ultimately unreal – only an idea or concept. The same with the concept ‘now’, which cannot … Continue reading

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Two questions and answers

Two questions answered in Quora Posted on February 16, 2018 by amartingarcia Is soul different from consciousness? I agree with the responders here that equate both concepts – soul and consciousness – which in themselves are just pointers to what is real/reality. Reality … Continue reading

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Advaita Vedanta – ll

In  Advaita Vedanta Vedantic (or higher) reasoning is distinguished from independent reasoning or speculation, which invariably is in conflict with that of other individuals and schools of thought – ‘Speculation is unbridled… It is impossible to expect finality from it, … Continue reading

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Advaita Vedanta – l

Advaita Vedanta can be called a mystical path, a spirituality, science of reality, or a combination of both (which I prefer). It can be called nonduality or ‘Monism’ (preferably the first): monism because it takes reality as being One (“without … Continue reading

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‘Problems of new religions’

“The problem of these new religions is that they do give results. But not necessarily in a religious sense. People are going to these new religions for emotions, for experiences, not for reality. An experience always seems real, even if … Continue reading

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