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Is a single neuron conscious? A short discussion.

Posted on April 22, 2019 by amartingarcia   M. Advaita Vedanta’s perspective is better seen from the top down rather than from the bottom up. Consciousness or awareness can be considered (there is a consensus on this) as a ‘fundamental ‘property’ of (or … Continue reading

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Why there are ignorance and evil in life?

Why does Brahman and Ātman deceive itself with Māyā, Avidyā, and Anātman? Why doesn’t consciousness simply manifest (in humans) with Vidyā, with innate knowledge of its true self from the beginning? Alberto Martín, studied in depth Plato and Shankara; also … Continue reading

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Pantheism, agnosticism/atheism — and advaita I have devised this classification for reference: Modes of pantheism (Divine pantheism; Natural pantheism; Spiritual pantheism; scientific pantheism) Brad Neil, proponent of nonduality Modes of pantheism Within the range of categories given, I find myself somewhat ambivalent: I most closely align with natural I believe the physical universe is … Continue reading

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Conversation with H – 7

Please Note: This post, H-7,  should be read after H 7 bis, which precedes it. Sorry for the confusion. H. Thank you M for the quote from Max Planck. Yes, we clearly “cannot get behind consciousness”, and I often address … Continue reading

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Conversation with ‘H’ – 6

Dear H:  I realise that much of our disagreement has to do with the use of language – the meaning each one of us attaches to certain terms – and also to perspective. I base myself almost exclusively on Advaita … Continue reading

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Debate with a philosopher

May 2015 Published in Quora. AM. Metaphysics is ultimately of the nature of a ‘vision’, where logical proof does not enter. The ‘proof’ thus is subjective – objectivity is only apparent; it does not exist ‘in reality’. Truth is none … Continue reading

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