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Two answers in Quora: 1)Consciousness; 2)The spiritual path  (been repeated here? – 98 upvotes) re  consciousness  (spiritual path only way)  

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Siddharameshwar (teacher of Nisargadatta)

Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj (1888 – 1936)   Sri Siddharameshwar was the guru of Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ranjit Maharaj – see the chart of the Navnath Sampradaya (also known as the Inchageri tradition). Philip Renard’s guru was Alexander Smit, one of Nisargadatta’s disciples. … Continue reading

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Creation or no creation – becoming or being

If creation is into time, being is timeless. Does time exist? Or, like space, multiplicity, and causation they are just phenomena, appearances? Continue reading

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All the world’s stage

You write: “Of course, if everything is like a dream (mithyA), then the sages and their scriptures are a part of that dream. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the teachings and the scriptures are not useful for awakening from … Continue reading

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Revolt against existence

An Infinite Prison House (A Revolt Against Existence) (February 7, 2014 – From Facebook) Who is to be blamed for limitations of Body-Mind Complex [Man, generic]? Who designed this horribly incomplete life on earth, and why? Why illness, cruelty, greed … Continue reading

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Vedanta and illusory knowledge

“Vedanta admits that its philosophy is a part of the illusory world. A portion of this long dream. But vedantic philosophy has one distinction which all other parts of the illusion lack. Its character, its excellence is unique. And that … Continue reading

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One consciousness, not two or more

We are the divine consciousness that lives our lives. There are not two consciousnesses. This very ordinary consciousness, hearing these words right this moment, and understanding them, happens to be also the divine consciousness that lives all lives. There is … Continue reading

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