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Victim-centered society – my answer in Quora

Why are psychology and so many self-help ideologies perceived merely as blame-shifting gimmicks that are guilty of creating a “victim-centered society?”   I am not sure that psychology and self-help ideologies – and self-help books – are or ought to … Continue reading

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Why there are ignorance and evil in life?

Why does Brahman and Ātman deceive itself with Māyā, Avidyā, and Anātman? Why doesn’t consciousness simply manifest (in humans) with Vidyā, with innate knowledge of its true self from the beginning? Alberto Martín, studied in depth Plato and Shankara; also … Continue reading

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No-self – Buddhist and advaitist perspectives

Difference between Buddhism and advaita Vedanta concerning the notion of ‘No-self’. Consciousness as reality in advaita is beyond conceptualization. It is a direct and ineluctable experience .
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