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Consciousness is prior to the universe

What is the scriptural basis for Advaita consciousness being an awareness preceding the universe? That’s an ‘easy’ one. 1) Consciousness and awareness are the same for Advaita Vedanta. 2) Atman-brahman, or Consciousness, is the sole reality – the universe is … Continue reading

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Ramanuja & Shankara

Who would win in an argument between Ramanujacharya and Shankaracharya? As non-duality can be said to go beyond, and at the same time enclose duality within itself, we can also say that Shankara, being a non-dualist philosopher, goes beyond and … Continue reading

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Three questions & answers

Three Q/A from QUORA (on brain, philosophy, QM, NDE, consciousness) How does the brain understand philosophy? M. The brain… understanding philosophy? My reply to this is similar to the one I gave recently to another question and which was based … Continue reading

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The proof of Advaita philosophy

Q&A in Advaita Vision – reproduced here. Q. 388 – Proof of Methodology

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Vedanta and Quantum physics ll

I don’t mean to dismiss quantum physics, for its findings have applicability in terms of the apparent reality. Nor do I mean to disregard the relevance of understanding the non-dual nature of reality, for certainly non-dual vision provides the foundation … Continue reading

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Vedanta and Quantum Physics l

A Vedanta teacher who follows more tradtional lineage approach says this about Quantum Mechanics and Vedanta: (From Quora) “Quantum physics is right on the brink of establishing the non-dual nature of reality. The fundamentally dualistic approach of material science, however, … Continue reading

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Creation or no creation – becoming or being

If creation is into time, being is timeless. Does time exist? Or, like space, multiplicity, and causation they are just phenomena, appearances? Continue reading

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Creation and Dissolution

Is there ever a dissolution of the universe? What is illusion and what is not illusion? Sage Vasishta answers these questions. It is all about Liberation (from ignorance) Continue reading

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Night of Creation – The cosmic dance

Cosmic dance by Rudra and Maya in the night of creation. Continue reading

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Philosophy vs. science

X. The philosophy that interests me – advaita vedanta – teaches that consciousness is the essence or ultimate reality of the universe, and that the world is contained in that consciousness (atman/Brahman) rather than consciousness being contained in the world, … Continue reading

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