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Conceptual vs. experiential

“Self or consciousness does not make the passage to the other shore or cross over. Rather, the crossing is the body and senses acclimating to life without any experience of self or consciousness and all that it implies.” Bernadette Roberts … Continue reading

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http://www.quora.com/How-many-of-you-agree-with-the-theory-that-our-consciousness-ends-when-we-die?__nsrc__=4 How many of you agree with the theory that our consciousness ends when we die? (There’s of course nothing called ‘Soul’ of a person that goes on to live forever in afterlife. I’m an atheist. I person believe that … Continue reading

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Why the name Advaya? ll (Philip Renard)

  The term advaya (or its equivalent, pu-erh in Chinese, fu-ni  in Japanese and gnyis-med in Tibetan) is being used explicitly in a few traditions which, because this explicitness, could be together called ‘the one advaya tradition’, ‘the one direct … Continue reading

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Plato’s Cave

From Quora  Question: ‘Can we step out of Plato’s Cave?’   X  As I remember, Plato spoke of the few that escaped into the bright light of day, becoming (at least temporarily?) blinded. That, by itself, has to have some … Continue reading

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Debate with a philosopher

May 2015 Published in Quora. AM. Metaphysics is ultimately of the nature of a ‘vision’, where logical proof does not enter. The ‘proof’ thus is subjective – objectivity is only apparent; it does not exist ‘in reality’. Truth is none … Continue reading

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Vedanta and the spiritual faculty of the mind

You may not believe me, but when you write: “Are there any members of this list who long to receive a real, non-conceptual answer to this question, ‘Who am I?’. It might take the form of a longing to disappear … Continue reading

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Virtue: Beauty of soul

‎”Without beauty of soul, all will is sterile, it is petty and closes itself to grace; and in an analogous manner: without effort of will, all spiritual thought ultimately remains superficial and ineffectual and leads to pretension. Virtue coincides with … Continue reading

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