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Revolt against existence – 1st answer

First answer. –  Evil and suffering are undeniable, and there is no easy answer or remedy to this. Initially there are partial answers, but only an overall vision of things can afford understanding and, ultimately, serenity – a vision of … Continue reading

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Illusory perception (mind)

If the mind, which is the instrument of knowledge and is the basis of all activity, subsides, the perception of the world as an objective reality ceases. Unless the illusory perception of the serpent in the rope ceases, the rope … Continue reading

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Know your Self (gnozi seauton)

The purpose of life is to be at Peace, to Love all beings, and to know who you are. Know your Self and you know everything. ~                                                                     Sri H. W. L. Poonja (Papaji)

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self-knowledge – the true path

“The only true ‘path’ is the one of self-knowledge, our problem being one of self-ignorance. ‘Realization’ and self-knowledge are effectively the same thing. No practice of any kind is likely to bring about this knowledge; the best that practices can … Continue reading

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