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Three Q&A-s

How can we consciously realize the consciousness concept? First, consciousness is beyond concepts – language, which is dualist, allows talking of it as if separate from the subject, thus conceptually. But consciousness is a prime reality, the foundation of everything … Continue reading

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Three questions & answers

Three Q/A from QUORA (on brain, philosophy, QM, NDE, consciousness) How does the brain understand philosophy? M. The brain… understanding philosophy? My reply to this is similar to the one I gave recently to another question and which was based … Continue reading

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Two answers in Quora: 1)Consciousness; 2)The spiritual path  (been repeated here? – 98 upvotes) re  consciousness  (spiritual path only way)  

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I. Metaphysics. 2. Is Advaita a trap?

My position is that everything is metaphysical   / So, everything that exists is metaphysical, including language and thought: sticks and stones, trees, all bodies, etc.; IOW there is nothing that is ‘material’ or physical per se (which is a … Continue reading

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1) Knowledge and the Vedas; 2) Is everything metaphysical?

Do the Vedas really contain any advanced knowledge as so many people claim they do? (Quora) I would say the Vedas contain the most fundamental and ‘advanced’ knowledge there is, though usually portrayed  in the form of paradox (analogy, metaphor, story, … Continue reading

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Atman and suffering

  Does Advaita Vedanta acknowledge the existential reality of suffering and non-suffering occurring in Atman even after the spiritual liberation, or suffering becomes impossible in Atman after the spiritual realization? Alberto Martín, Contributor to Advaita Vision and own blog: ‘Unanimous … Continue reading

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Two Q&As in Quora

What is the difference between truly understanding/integrating a truth and the thinking mind coming to a conclusion that this truth is true? The second part of the question – ‘the thinking mind coming to a conclusion’ is reminiscent of Plato’s … Continue reading

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