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Can we step out of Plato’s cave?

Quora — posted on September 17, 2017 by amartingarcia X  As I remember, Plato spoke of the few that escaped into the bright light of day, becoming (at least temporarily) blinded. That, by itself, has a metaphorical meaning. But if the question is … Continue reading

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I am tall mountain, wide sea

ENERGÍA…………………………ENERGY – Prana Yo soy montaña y soy mar.        I’m tall mountain, wide sea; Soy del río la corriente,………   Of the river I’m the current, soy el correr de la fuente,……   The flowing of all the springs del raudo viento … Continue reading

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Questions in Quora

(Q&As in Quora) What are some essential self awareness exercises? M. None, unless attention… Greg Goode (a Non-dualist teacher) recommends ‘Standing as Awareness’. That is the title of a booklet by him. In Advaita Vedanta Gaudapada and Shankara did not recommend … Continue reading

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Pantheism, agnosticism/atheism — and advaita I have devised this classification for reference: Modes of pantheism (Divine pantheism; Natural pantheism; Spiritual pantheism; scientific pantheism) Brad Neil, proponent of nonduality Modes of pantheism Within the range of categories given, I find myself somewhat ambivalent: I most closely align with natural I believe the physical universe is … Continue reading

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Goose flies with avocets, photo — Dear Kitty. Some blog

This photo shows a barnacle goose flying with avocets. The photo is by duyfje from the Netherlands. Related articles Wadden Sea breeding birds, new research Bird breeding news from Texel island Avocets raise a cheer at Saltholme Bird-friendly farming in … Continue reading

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Conversation with H – 7 bis

Unfortunately, there has been some confusion as to the sequence of recent posts – I believe from ‘Conversation 6’ on. Conv. 7 was actually a reply to the following: May 11, 2016 at 3:07  “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard … Continue reading

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Conversation with ‘H’ – 4

First, I agree with you concerning technical vocabulary (including Sanskrit!); it really is not required, normal English being sufficient for understanding, I should say, any subject matter, though there are terms from another language which don’t have a direct correspondence … Continue reading

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