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Atman and suffering

  Does Advaita Vedanta acknowledge the existential reality of suffering and non-suffering occurring in Atman even after the spiritual liberation, or suffering becomes impossible in Atman after the spiritual realization? Alberto Martín, Contributor to Advaita Vision and own blog: ‘Unanimous … Continue reading

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Rama and sage Vasishta

If reality is ONENESS, how can there be any sense of lack, hence any desire? There is no ‘other’ to be related to. Reminds me of Socrates’ speech in the Symposium (one of Plato’s dialogues) after other speakers had rendered … Continue reading

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‎”Do not think …

‎”Do not think that Self-realization is a matter for one person to give to another. The very term Self-realization signifies that each one should discover and experience the Self for himself or for herself. The plant, although it may require … Continue reading

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self-knowledge – the true path

“The only true ‘path’ is the one of self-knowledge, our problem being one of self-ignorance. ‘Realization’ and self-knowledge are effectively the same thing. No practice of any kind is likely to bring about this knowledge; the best that practices can … Continue reading

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The universe not unreal (Ramana Maharshi)

‎”The j~nAni (self-realised) takes his stand in the Self at all times, absolute, fearless. He does not think of the universe as unreal nor does he see it as different from himself…” ~ shrI Ramana Maharshi

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