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Empirical science vs metaphysics or spirituality

  Positivism vs. Spirituality What are some really ‘deep’ thoughts? . The truth is the whole (Hegel) .Consciousness is the whole of reality (advaita). . Causation, space, and time are unreal (advaita). . The microcosm is a reflection of … Continue reading

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Conceptual vs. experiential

“Self or consciousness does not make the passage to the other shore or cross over. Rather, the crossing is the body and senses acclimating to life without any experience of self or consciousness and all that it implies.” Bernadette Roberts … Continue reading

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Pantheism, agnosticism/atheism — and advaita I have devised this classification for reference: Modes of pantheism (Divine pantheism; Natural pantheism; Spiritual pantheism; scientific pantheism) Brad Neil, proponent of nonduality Modes of pantheism Within the range of categories given, I find myself somewhat ambivalent: I most closely align with natural I believe the physical universe is … Continue reading

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Inviation in satsang & the ‘holy sequence’ II – Philip Renard   Why the name Advaya?   This site is called Advaya. This is a Sanskrit term, which means ‘non-duality’. This term has been used very often in texts of both … Continue reading

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Conversation with ‘H’- 3

H. The first thing to say is that I do not understand the question as regards ‘the witness’*, and so immediately agree with your opening statement, save to add that the invoking of a witness seems to connote a subject … Continue reading

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Enlightenment will only come to a very mature person.

  ‘… enlightenment will only come to a very mature person, regardless of his age. Usually, the self appears first as an object and then, keeping the mind on the self and repeatedly inquiring into it, the bedrock understanding eventually … Continue reading

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Is metaphysics meaningful?

Is metaphysics meaningful?  (expanded from answer in Quora) Any hypothesis which predicts observations can in principle be tested scientifically. Take “metaphysics” to be the set of hypotheses about people and the universe which does not predict any observations, or none … Continue reading

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