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Conversation with ‘H’- 3

H. The first thing to say is that I do not understand the question as regards ‘the witness’*, and so immediately agree with your opening statement, save to add that the invoking of a witness seems to connote a subject … Continue reading

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Magician’s trick (Master and disciple)

You have not to say, “Please guy, go out”, because they are one. In the same way, knowledge and ignorance are both one. In my Master’s words, Siddharameshwar Maharaj, “Knowledge is the greatest ignorance.” By knowledge, we know that which … Continue reading


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Question: Then what is Samadhi? Bhagavan: In yoga the samadhi term refers to some kind of trance, and there are various kinds of samadhi. However, the samadhi I speak of is different. It is Sahaja Samadhi (state of permanent Realization). … Continue reading

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