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Knowledge of Reality

Vedantic knowledge transcends verbal symbols and concepts. The question of Nachiketas (Katha Up. 1.2.14) and answer in Taittiriya Up. II.9: That from which all words fall back along with the mind. Continue reading

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Anthropomorphism (again) and higher logic.

What do you think of the justonelook.org (childhood memory) quick self inquiry method?  X. If you really go into it, higher logic shows that the ‘I’ principle or awareness/consciousness is the only ‘thing’ existing, as Krishna Menon puts it: “The … Continue reading

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The Self is ear of the ear…

At whose behest does the mind think? Who bids the body live? Who makes the tongue speak? Who is that effulgent being that directs the eye to form and color and the ear to sound? The Self is ear of … Continue reading

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He shining, everything shines…

Nachiketas: How, O King, shall I find that blissful self, supreme, ineffable, who is attained by the wise? Does he shine by himself, or does he reflect another’s light? King of Death: Him the sun does not illumine, nor the … Continue reading

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Is there good and evil? Is there a Creator God?

Concerning good and evil, suffering and enjoyment, there is an interesting passage in one of the main texts of Advaita Vedanta, the Brahma Sutras. As the teaching goes there is no essential difference between the individual and Brahman (Consciousness or … Continue reading

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On love, beauty, and knowledge

(From an exchange in internet) My position, as I wrote to S.: We are love and the product of love, no? Traditional Advaita Vedanta talks of desire as the root cause of existence, but, in the end, it is the same … Continue reading

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Philosophy of the Upanishads – a world heritage

Preface to ‘A Constructive Survey of Upanishadic Philosophy’, by Dr. R.D. Ranade One who goes through the Preface to the first edition can easily see that mere scholarship is the least part of the book. Dr. Ranade was not only … Continue reading

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