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Philosophy of the Upanishads – a world heritage

Preface to ‘A Constructive Survey of Upanishadic Philosophy’, by Dr. R.D. Ranade One who goes through the Preface to the first edition can easily see that mere scholarship is the least part of the book. Dr. Ranade was not only … Continue reading

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‘Knowledge about Reality’

Those who, perchance, even though they be women, will become firm in conviction with regard to the nature of the Ultimate Reality that is birthless and uniform, they alone are possessed of great wisdom, or in other words, endowed with unsurpassing knowledge … Continue reading

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Intuition and knowledge

Advaita teaches that all knowledge pertains to the mind, where the pair subject-object is a constitutive element. Ultimate reality cannot be known in that way; the only way to “know” it is by being it. For that to happen, the … Continue reading

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