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‘The tree of the World’ (Transmigration)

… to ascertain the real nature of Brahman [God, the Supreme] through the determination of the tree of the universe of which Brahman is the root: That which has its roots above – the root that is the state of … Continue reading

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Attachment and aversion

  The Symbolic Meaning of Vishnu’s Encounter with Madhu and Kaitabh Madhu actually means honey and he represents attachment (raag) to this world, which seems sweet to us. Kaitabh means a pricking thorn and signifies our aversion (dvesha) to things … Continue reading

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On the Verge of Creation

On the Verge of Creation – The First Form of the Goddess Shesha-shayi Vishnu, Madhu-Kaitabha and Adishakti Before the creation of the world, Lord Vishnu lay in deep meditative sleep on his serpent coiled in the form of a couch. … Continue reading

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