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Why the name Advaya? ll (Philip Renard)

  The term advaya (or its equivalent, pu-erh in Chinese, fu-ni  in Japanese and gnyis-med in Tibetan) is being used explicitly in a few traditions which, because this explicitness, could be together called ‘the one advaya tradition’, ‘the one direct … Continue reading

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Plato’s Cave

From Quora  Question: ‘Can we step out of Plato’s Cave?’   X  As I remember, Plato spoke of the few that escaped into the bright light of day, becoming (at least temporarily?) blinded. That, by itself, has to have some … Continue reading

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Debate with a philosopher

May 2015 Published in Quora. AM. Metaphysics is ultimately of the nature of a ‘vision’, where logical proof does not enter. The ‘proof’ thus is subjective – objectivity is only apparent; it does not exist ‘in reality’. Truth is none … Continue reading

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Vedanta and the spiritual faculty of the mind

You may not believe me, but when you write: “Are there any members of this list who long to receive a real, non-conceptual answer to this question, ‘Who am I?’. It might take the form of a longing to disappear … Continue reading

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Virtue: Beauty of soul

‎”Without beauty of soul, all will is sterile, it is petty and closes itself to grace; and in an analogous manner: without effort of will, all spiritual thought ultimately remains superficial and ineffectual and leads to pretension. Virtue coincides with … Continue reading

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