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Advaya lll

To the Eastern ways of liberation the most important discrimination possible is the one between ‘the two levels of reality’: between the level of the timeless, the discrimination less, the always-present (Reality with capital R), and the level of the … Continue reading

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Inviation in satsang & the ‘holy sequence’ – Philip Renard

Philip Renard, a Dutchman, is perhaps not so well known in the Anglo-Saxon world as other sages from India and the West, but he is a master of spirituality, that is, a sage, in his own right. He has only … Continue reading

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… This is meditation (Hui Neng)

Outwardly In the world of Good and evil, Yet without thoughts Stirring the heart – This is meditation. Inwardly Seeing one’s Own True Nature And not being Distracted from it – This is meditation. Hui Neng

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