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If metaphysical entities cannot be verified to exist, how can we say anything meaningful about them?

My position is that everything is metaphysical – cf. Is everything metaphysical? Quora /www.quora.com/search?q=everything+is+metaphysical (Originally answered in Quora) So, everything that exists is metaphysical, including language and thought: sticks and stones, trees, all bodies, etc.; IOW there is nothing that … Continue reading

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Two questions and answers

Two questions answered in Quora Posted on February 16, 2018 by amartingarcia Is soul different from consciousness? I agree with the responders here that equate both concepts – soul and consciousness – which in themselves are just pointers to what is real/reality. Reality … Continue reading

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Enlightenment will only come to a very mature person.

  ‘… enlightenment will only come to a very mature person, regardless of his age. Usually, the self appears first as an object and then, keeping the mind on the self and repeatedly inquiring into it, the bedrock understanding eventually … Continue reading

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Revolt against existence – 2nd answer

 2. Thoughts of despondency and revolt arise in weaker moments. But to the soul difficulties are like challenges and opportunities to extract the best out of us. Even a developed soul chooses them as tonic and bitter medicines to purge … Continue reading

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Meister Eckhart (and his banishment)

  “Sometimes I have talked about a light within the soul, which is uncreated and which cannot be created.”    – sermon 48  “Everything that is said in the Holy Scriptures about Christ becomes true with every good and divine human … Continue reading

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Unborn, everlasting…

It is not born, nor does it ever die, nor having come to be will it ever come not to be. Unborn, immortal, everlasting, this ancient one [the soul united with the Intellect] is not slain when the body is … Continue reading

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