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‘Confession’ – 2

(No need to add any other comments to the ones below) Dear (X) – One of the many things I’ve done in life that has been valuable is learn how to write English for a Master’s thesis. I also taught … Continue reading

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Virtue: Beauty of soul

‎”Without beauty of soul, all will is sterile, it is petty and closes itself to grace; and in an analogous manner: without effort of will, all spiritual thought ultimately remains superficial and ineffectual and leads to pretension. Virtue coincides with … Continue reading

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Being nothing and everything (Life is both illusory and real)

Nisargadatta Maharaj, said that he saw he was nothing, and that was “wisdom “. Of course, that is “wisdom “, this “nothingness ” we see is the end of the minds usefulness. “I am nothing”,  this is the minds “wisdom … Continue reading

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