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Plotinus life, by Porphyry (Cont.)

‘Good and kindly, singularly gentle and engaging : thus the oracle presents him, and so in fact we found him. Sleeplessly  alert – Apollo tells- pure soul, ever striving towards the divine which he loved with all his being, he … Continue reading

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Dying and the spiritual life

“True philosophers are always occupied in the practice of dying.”       Plato. Phaedo, 67 D “It is in dying that we are resuscitated to eternal life.”       Saint Francis of Assisi  

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The poetry of madness (Plato)

“And if any man come to the gates of poetry without the madness of the Muses, persuaded that skill alone will make him a good poet, then shall him and his woks of sanity with him be brought to nought … Continue reading

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Noumenon, Nous, nth

Kant was right on when he stated that the thing-in-itself (ding ansich), the noumenon, is unknowable to reason. It is so because it is seemless, without beginning and end. It is reality itself, which is timeless and has no scissions, … Continue reading

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