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Is metaphysics meaningful?

Is metaphysics meaningful?  (expanded from answer in Quora) Any hypothesis which predicts observations can in principle be tested scientifically. Take “metaphysics” to be the set of hypotheses about people and the universe which does not predict any observations, or none … Continue reading

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Is the ‘mind’ something of the physical realm?

Consciousness-mind is not reducible to matter-energy as its production, like most scientists advocate, with the exception of a few physicists. Consciousness is primary, indefinable and ineffable, such as existence or being, or subjective experience are. Continue reading

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Philosophy vs. science

X. The philosophy that interests me – advaita vedanta – teaches that consciousness is the essence or ultimate reality of the universe, and that the world is contained in that consciousness (atman/Brahman) rather than consciousness being contained in the world, … Continue reading

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