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Empirical science vs metaphysics or spirituality

  Positivism vs. Spirituality What are some really ‘deep’ thoughts? http://www.quora.com/What-are-some-really-deep-thoughts . The truth is the whole (Hegel) .Consciousness is the whole of reality (advaita). . Causation, space, and time are unreal (advaita). . The microcosm is a reflection of … Continue reading

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Intuition and knowledge

Advaita teaches that all knowledge pertains to the mind, where the pair subject-object is a constitutive element. Ultimate reality cannot be known in that way; the only way to “know” it is by being it. For that to happen, the … Continue reading

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‘Nothing’ – a paradox?

‎”Nothing” is the biggest paradox of all…the instant one tries to define it, it becomes “something!” 😉 There is paradox in words, but no paradox in becoming it. (two separate comments in FB)

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