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Experience of nothingness

A visitor to the zen monastery asked: “Do you have an experience of nothingness?” The monk said: “Experiences do not matter outside of themselves.” The visitor asked: “So, you haven’t? Or what?” The monk said: “Experience of nothingness is impossible.” … Continue reading

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Being nothing and everything (Life is both illusory and real)

Nisargadatta Maharaj, said that he saw he was nothing, and that was “wisdom “. Of course, that is “wisdom “, this “nothingness ” we see is the end of the minds usefulness. “I am nothing”,  this is the minds “wisdom … Continue reading

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‘Nothing’ – a paradox?

‎”Nothing” is the biggest paradox of all…the instant one tries to define it, it becomes “something!” 😉 There is paradox in words, but no paradox in becoming it. (two separate comments in FB)

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