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Is metaphysics meaningful?

Is metaphysics meaningful?  (expanded from answer in Quora) Any hypothesis which predicts observations can in principle be tested scientifically. Take “metaphysics” to be the set of hypotheses about people and the universe which does not predict any observations, or none … Continue reading

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Non-duality and depression

Conversation in Quora A. Well….I’m done seeking. Truly now for the past few years, I have watched, listened, contemplated and glimpsed and whatever else.; relief would come and go a lot. Now that I’ve watched and re-watched Tony Parsons, Jim Newman, … Continue reading

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Is the subjective point of view the actual “you”?

(Originally published in QUORA – with slight modifications). Title was provided by them. It would have been more correct to say ‘subject’ or ‘subjectivity’ instead of ‘subjective point of view’, which amounts to circularity or redundancy.   QUESTIONER – I … Continue reading

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How could we merge absurdist and Buddhist philosophies?

http://www.quora.com/How-could-we-merge-absurdist-and-Buddhist-philosophies M. Provisionally we could put side by side ‘absurd’ (or illogical) and ‘unprovable’, even if they are not synonymous; and the main tenets of all religions are such. They are not ‘rational’. On the other hand, neither science, ‘common … Continue reading

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Vedanta and Quantum physics ll

I don’t mean to dismiss quantum physics, for its findings have applicability in terms of the apparent reality. Nor do I mean to disregard the relevance of understanding the non-dual nature of reality, for certainly non-dual vision provides the foundation … Continue reading

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Vedanta and Quantum Physics l

A Vedanta teacher who follows more tradtional lineage approach says this about Quantum Mechanics and Vedanta: (From Quora) “Quantum physics is right on the brink of establishing the non-dual nature of reality. The fundamentally dualistic approach of material science, however, … Continue reading

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Anthropomorphism (again) and higher logic.

What do you think of the justonelook.org (childhood memory) quick self inquiry method?  X. If you really go into it, higher logic shows that the ‘I’ principle or awareness/consciousness is the only ‘thing’ existing, as Krishna Menon puts it: “The … Continue reading

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self or no self

The benefits of non-duality? Consciousness without boundaries. It reflects what is. Thinking is dividing. Prior to thinking is liberation. Consciousness itself is emptiness… Infinity. Continue reading

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Clear insight into the truth

                                                                        Diamond sutra – chap … Continue reading

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All the world’s stage

You write: “Of course, if everything is like a dream (mithyA), then the sages and their scriptures are a part of that dream. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the teachings and the scriptures are not useful for awakening from … Continue reading

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