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Is reality knowable? (From Quora)

“The affirmation that reality is not knowable is itself an assertion of knowledge about reality.” Does this sound like an example of the law of non-contradiction? So this proves that reality is knowable?  Tom McFarlane, degrees in philosophy, mathematics, and physics. … Continue reading

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Who is enlightened?

Neo-advaita’s dictum: ‘everytbody is enlightened’ is true and false at the dame time. In what sense? Continue reading

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What is Vedanta

According to Vedanta, what is “real” is what cannot be negated, that which is always true in all places and at all times, or more accurately that which is the substratum of the entire time-space continuum that defines the apparent … Continue reading

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Advaita and Neo-Advaita

Hanuman Dass Here’s a quote I ran across by John Greven that clearly articulates my view on liberation or nondual awakening. I have slightly edited his text to make what he says readable without reading it in the context of … Continue reading

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Neo-Advaita, Truth and tradition

The problem (the validity or truth of what is included under the term Neo-Advaita) is complex, as I see it, and I don’t think there is a simple, straightforward answer, only a global answer or answers, with some needed nuances … Continue reading

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The understanding of a life-time (Aristotle and Neo-Advaita))

You are the Presence in which all existence appears blooms, and dissolves… reshuffles the understanding of a lifetime and blows the heart wide open.    (MiriamLouisa) ——————————- “… the understanding of a lifetime” ‘The Spirit bloweth… ‘ Aristotle wrote that the … Continue reading

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