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Ars longa, vita brevis

Art is long and life short. Progress and the art of medicine – the first unquestionable, but questions about quality of life remain. Also shotcomings of science and technonolgy pointed out. Three Greek myths are adduced as warnings thereof. Continue reading

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What does knowledge of self give us?

Someone questions about the benefit of knowledge of self, introducing reincarnation and maya as unpromising components. (Who benefits?, etc. ).This is an unphilosophical question, and answers from advaita are given. Continue reading

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On the Verge of Creation

On the Verge of Creation – The First Form of the Goddess Shesha-shayi Vishnu, Madhu-Kaitabha and Adishakti Before the creation of the world, Lord Vishnu lay in deep meditative sleep on his serpent coiled in the form of a couch. … Continue reading

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Consciousness, mythology and literature

If memories are nothing but thoughts, one after another, in the present moment, where alone they can exist, there is no loss – one feels – if most of them, even all of those which are merely personal, disappear altogether … Continue reading

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