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Is reality knowable? (From Quora)

“The affirmation that reality is not knowable is itself an assertion of knowledge about reality.” Does this sound like an example of the law of non-contradiction? So this proves that reality is knowable?  Tom McFarlane, degrees in philosophy, mathematics, and physics. … Continue reading

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Empirical science vs metaphysics or spirituality

  Positivism vs. Spirituality What are some really ‘deep’ thoughts? http://www.quora.com/What-are-some-really-deep-thoughts . The truth is the whole (Hegel) .Consciousness is the whole of reality (advaita). . Causation, space, and time are unreal (advaita). . The microcosm is a reflection of … Continue reading

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Logic, anthropomorphism, and the ‘direct path’.

Awareness is the only real existent. Only what is sensed can be called knowledge. Higher logic is logic of the subject. What creation is is touched on, and the danger of anthropomorphism. Krishna Menon and his direct path brought to bear in the discussion. Continue reading

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