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From ‘Nondual Clarity’ – Feb. 12, 2017 David Aldridge. As Liberation matures you notice how much of life is devoted to the search for stimulation and excitation. Once all that is dropped, there is a release into true Satisfaction. SA. … Continue reading

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Non-duality and depression

Conversation in Quora A. Well….I’m done seeking. Truly now for the past few years, I have watched, listened, contemplated and glimpsed and whatever else.; relief would come and go a lot. Now that I’ve watched and re-watched Tony Parsons, Jim Newman, … Continue reading

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Christianity and other religions.

Christianity not the only religion that advocates gratitude, generosity, love , etc. – as subtly suggested by article. Continue reading

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Vedanta and Quantum physics ll

I don’t mean to dismiss quantum physics, for its findings have applicability in terms of the apparent reality. Nor do I mean to disregard the relevance of understanding the non-dual nature of reality, for certainly non-dual vision provides the foundation … Continue reading

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Vedanta and Quantum Physics l

A Vedanta teacher who follows more tradtional lineage approach says this about Quantum Mechanics and Vedanta: (From Quora) “Quantum physics is right on the brink of establishing the non-dual nature of reality. The fundamentally dualistic approach of material science, however, … Continue reading

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Clear insight into the truth

                                                                        Diamond sutra – chap … Continue reading

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Knowledge alone…

Knowledge alone can liberate: “Why is knowledge the only means to freedom, moksa? It is because freedom sought is limitlessness itself, that choiceless human goal underlying all other human struggles for limited ends. Limitlessness is not something that can be … Continue reading

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non-duality magazine

non-duality magazine (Highly recommended) ABOUT Non-duality magazine is a non sectarian non affiliated free online publication and accepts no advertising. It is fundamentally an investigation into the process of “Self-realization/Awakening/Enlightenment/Liberation” and consciousness itself. It explores this through interviews with teachers, … Continue reading

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Knots and kinks in the way of knowing the truth – ll

One feels a gnawing “lack” in imbibing the teaching. This is more glaringly obvious in the Western Advaita circles. The final message is well articulated, repeatedly emphasized by many Non-dual teachers but the listener goes away with a feeling of … Continue reading

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Lotus of the heart

The Self is hidden in the lotus of the heart. Those who see themselves in all creatures go day by day into the world of Brahman hidden in the heart. Established in peace, they rise above body-consciousness to the supreme … Continue reading

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