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Why there are ignorance and evil in life?

Why does Brahman and Ātman deceive itself with Māyā, Avidyā, and Anātman? Why doesn’t consciousness simply manifest (in humans) with Vidyā, with innate knowledge of its true self from the beginning? Alberto Martín, studied in depth Plato and Shankara; also … Continue reading

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Philosophy vs science

(From a discussion in Quora on science vs philosophy) http://www.advaita-vision.org/science-vs-philosophy-in-three-parts-part-i/#more-3988 — Max Planck: “I had always looked upon the search for the absolute as the noblest and most worth while task of science.”   M – ‘There are more things … Continue reading

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Consciousness, science (NDEs), and philosophy

Debate In Quora: What are some scientific arguments for consciousness being able to preserve itself after the death of body. Seemingly, there is still a long way for the rapprochment between empirical science and philosophy to be a fact. Actually, … Continue reading

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Consciousness/Awareness, the brain, and memories

Q&A in QUORA Q. ‘Why wasn’t my consciousness generated by another brain? Why am I linked with this brain?’ I heard that everybody experiences consciousness, but then why am I my consciousness and not another person’s consciousness? It’s hard to … Continue reading

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