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Can consciousness exist without time?

(Question answered in Quora) From the viewpoint of Advaita Vedanta (and I believe also zen and Dzogchen), time is not just something elusive, but ultimately unreal – only an idea or concept. The same with the concept ‘now’, which cannot … Continue reading

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Does Consciousness exist or have our brains tricked us?

(www.quora.com/If-metaphysical-entities-cannot-be-verified-to-exist-how-can-we-say-anything-meaningful-about-them/answer/Alberto-Mart%C3%ADn-2?__nsrc__=4&__snid3__=1081586124) http://www.quora.com/Does-consciousness-exist-or-have-our-brains-tricked-us Paul Bush, PhD computational neuroscience. Nonmaterialist. Answered Mar 15, 2016   Find out for yourself. It’s not difficult, just takes persistence. First: The theory that consciousness is an illusion comes from neuroscientists who have shown that the contents … Continue reading

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http://www.quora.com/How-many-of-you-agree-with-the-theory-that-our-consciousness-ends-when-we-die?__nsrc__=4 How many of you agree with the theory that our consciousness ends when we die? (There’s of course nothing called ‘Soul’ of a person that goes on to live forever in afterlife. I’m an atheist. I person believe that … Continue reading

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To what extent do you agree with the quote “True love is admiration” by Plato? Yes, to the greatest extent. What greater admiration can there be than that of Beauty itself? Love, for Plato, is the attraction all creatures have … Continue reading

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What does knowledge of self give us?

Someone questions about the benefit of knowledge of self, introducing reincarnation and maya as unpromising components. (Who benefits?, etc. ).This is an unphilosophical question, and answers from advaita are given. Continue reading

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What is Vedanta

According to Vedanta, what is “real” is what cannot be negated, that which is always true in all places and at all times, or more accurately that which is the substratum of the entire time-space continuum that defines the apparent … Continue reading

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Ordinary consciousness

What you take for granted, the immediacy of your ordinary consciousness, is God peeping at you as yourself through a veil.  You can call it Maya, Karma, conditional mind, or give it any name that satisfies you. The Vedas declare, … Continue reading

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