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Logic, anthropomorphism, and the ‘direct path’.

Awareness is the only real existent. Only what is sensed can be called knowledge. Higher logic is logic of the subject. What creation is is touched on, and the danger of anthropomorphism. Krishna Menon and his direct path brought to bear in the discussion. Continue reading

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Creation or no creation – becoming or being

If creation is into time, being is timeless. Does time exist? Or, like space, multiplicity, and causation they are just phenomena, appearances? Continue reading

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Krishna and the world (Jnaneshwar)

KRISHNA If it is said that I am concealed by the existence of the world, then who is it that blossoms in the form of the world? Can a red jewel be concealed by its own luster? Does a chip of … Continue reading

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Manifestation and the Unmanifest (Shiva – Shakti and Atman)

“I is/as Beingness” (sat) – prakriti: substance-energy-movement FEMALE  (Shakti) “I is/as”aware of Itself” (chit) – purusha: essence-witness-stillness MALE  (Shiva) Their union – (ananda): JOY/LOVE/LIFE/FULFILLMENT – in Manifestaton NOT-TWO  (I AM beyond both of them, changeless, eternal) – Unmanifested (aparent separation … Continue reading

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To attain the ultimate reality, one must go beyond both the existence and the non-existence of non-Atma.* Sri Krishna Menon (Atmananda) *By non-Atma is meant everything objective, including thoughts, feelings, perceptions and doings.

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