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To what extent do you agree with the quote “True love is admiration” by Plato? Yes, to the greatest extent. What greater admiration can there be than that of Beauty itself? Love, for Plato, is the attraction all creatures have … Continue reading

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The philosophy of the beautiful

Professor M (Mysooru) Hiriyanna (7th May, 1871- 1950) was one of the greatest Samskrit thinkers and Vedantic scholars of the 19th-20th centuries. An authority on Indian Philosophy (Bhaarateeya Darshanaaha), he was well versed in both the Sanskrit classics and English … Continue reading

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Quotations of M. Hiriyanna on Philosophy and Aesthetics

:: To quote Prof Hiriyanna… :: “The most noticeable feature of Indian Philosophy is the stress it lays upon the influence which Knowledge ought to have on life…None of the systems that developed in the course of centuries in India … Continue reading

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