Connection between spirituality and warriorship

A truly spiritual person is a seeker of/after truth… no matter what difficulties are in the way. For them truth is paramount and one is prepared to sacrifice everything for it. Needless to say courage is a distinctive mark: courage, perseverance, and total dedication. These virtues are not the assets of a majority of people and that is why the hero is often depicted as a loner (e.g. Gary Cooper and other examples in Western movies). The Greek hero serves as an example; also Siegfried and Parsifal of Wagnerian operas, Brunhilde being the heroine …

Therefore spirituality is contrasted with religion (or ‘religiosity’) for good reasons. What moves the hero or spiritual person is a greater truth which he makes his own and is ready to die for it, no concessions being made (Don Quixote may have been mad, but his instinct was true and noble, as shown through the masterful portrayal of his creator Cervantes… is the former a joke, or just insane?). The spiritual person is also humble and generous and his aim or only motivation is the good of all (including animals… all sentient beings – his respect and love of creation/nature is total), not making distinctions as to social rang, etc. In summary: Seek thou truth and follow its dictates – wherever they may lead you (In Jesus’ words, ‘Seek thou truth and it will make you free’.


About amartingarcia

General surgeon (retired). Studied Western philosophy at U of Toronto. Afterwards interest turned to advaita vedanta and non-duality for past 20 yrs, plus a long interlude in Sufism coinciding with that period. Now contributing in ’Advaita Vision’ with regular posts and discussions.
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