Poetry and “seeing” – La poesía y el “ver”

If poetry is an unveiling, the veil itsef is made up of the substance of this world, a substance which, like sound vibrations (like words, thoughts and emotions), is insubstantial, thus "unreal". Through poetry one may awake, one may "see" – through Maya, Atma.
Si la poesía es un desvelar (revelar), el velo está hecho de la substancia de este mundo, una substancia que, como las vibraciones de sonido (como las palabras, los pensamientos y las emociones), es insubstancial, y así "irreal". Por medio de la poesía uno puede despertar, uno puede "ver" – a través de Maya, Atma.

About amartingarcia

General surgeon (retired). Studied Western philosophy at U of Toronto. Afterwards interest turned to advaita vedanta and non-duality for past 20 yrs, plus a long interlude in Sufism coinciding with that period. Now contributing in ’Advaita Vision’ with regular posts and discussions.
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