Zen story – Una historia zen

There is a Zen story in which two monks are looking at a flag waving in the wind. The first one says: "the flag is moving". The second one says: "no, the wind is moving". Their teacher comes over and they pose him the question: "Who is right? I say the flag is moving, he says the wind is moving" The teacher says: "You’re both wrong. Only consciousness is moving. As consciousness moves, it imagines the world into existence".
Una historia zen relata que dos monjes estaban mirando a un pabellón que flotaba al viento. El primero dijo: "el pabellón se mueve". El segundo dijo: "No, es el viento el que se mueve". El maestro aparece entonces y los dos le prguntan: "¿Quien tiene razón? Yo digo que el pabellón se mueve, y él dice que el viento es el que se mueve". El maestro dijo: "Los dos estais equivocados. Sólo la conciencia se mueve. Cuando la conciencia se mueve, se imagina que el mundo existe".

About amartingarcia

General surgeon (retired). Studied Western philosophy at U of Toronto. Afterwards interest turned to advaita vedanta and non-duality for past 20 yrs, plus a long interlude in Sufism coinciding with that period. Now contributing in ’Advaita Vision’ with regular posts and discussions.
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